Transylvannia Centre Inter-community Development Association is the first association of this type in Romania, founded at regional level.

It became operational on 27 March 2008 as a result of the efforts undertaken in 2006 by Alba, Brașov, Covasna, Harghita, Mureș and Sibiu counties in order to attract non-refundable funds through the Major Intervention Area 3.3 – “Improvement of Emergency Equipment Available to Operations Centres” within the 2007-2013 Regional Operating Programme.

Even if at the time it was intended to cover only emergency situations, the founding members understood it was high time to cease the opportunity and create a regional development tool covering several fields of joint concern for the six county public authorities.

To prepare and promote projects for the regional development of common interest for the six associated counties and to obtain internal and external funds for their implementation.

  • To prepare and implement projects, including to conduct surveys, in areas of priority and interest for the Region 7 Centre, such as:
    • To improve the regional road infrastructure, environment, public and social utilities, etc.
    • To improve the integrated emergency system;
    • To prevent disasters
    • To support entrepreneurship;
    • To develop tourism;
    • To support research, technological innovation and creation of the information society;
    • To increase employment and the development of human resources and social services
  • To call for project proposals and identify funding possibilities in the fields of joint concern, and review them in order to drive regional development and support the local initiative;
  • To foster collaboration and cooperation for the planning, implementation and funding of common investment projects;
  • To increase the chances of absorption of structural and cohesion funds by Region 7 Centre, and of other funds earmarked for sustainable regional development;
  • To participate in the purchase of emergency vehicles and common provision of response in emergency situations.


The founding members of Transylvania Centre Inter-community Development Association are the six counties of the Centre Region, represented by their deliberative authorities, i.e. the local councils.

Details about each member county of the Transylvania Centre Inter-community Development Association can be found on the local councils websites, which can be accessed by clicking on the county’s coat of arms.

Alba County

Harghita County

Braşov County

Mureş County

Covasna County

Sibiu County


General Meeting of the Members:

  1. Alba County, represented by Mr. Dumitrel Ion – President of Alba County Council
  2. Brașov County, represented by Mr. Veștea Adrian-Ioan – President of Brașov County Council
  3. Covasna County, represented by Mr. Tamás Sándor - President of Covasna County Council
  4. Harghita County, represented by Mr. Péli Levente - Deputy General Manager of Harghita County Council
  5. Mureș County, represented by Mr. Péter Ferenc - President of Mureș County Council
  6. Sibiu County, represented by Mrs. Cîmpean Daniela - President of Sibiu County Council

Board of Directors::

President: Mr. Dancu Ovidiu - Vice President of Mureș County Council
Vice President: Mr. Cîmpeanu Alexandru – Vice President of Mureș County Council
Secretary: Ms. Buruș Adriana – Adviser within Mureș County Council

  1. Mr. Cucui Alin Florin – Vice President of Alba County Council
  2. Mrs. Moga Marilena Nicoleta – Adviser within Alba County Council
  3. Mr. Pascu Mihai Lucian – General Manager of Brașov County Council
  4. Mrs. Prahoveanu Daniela – Adviser of Brașov County Council
  5. Mr. Veres János – CEO of Covasna County Council
  6. Mrs. Domokos Réka – Deputy CEO of Covasna County Council
  7. Mr. Karácsony Csaba – Adviser of Harghita County Council
  8. Mr. Antal Ernő – Inspector within Harghita County Council
  9. Mrs. Popa Oana – CEO of Sibiu County Council
  10. Mrs. Țârlea Rodica – Head of Service of Sibiu County Council
Auditor:Mrs. Bumbu Rodica Maria
Technical staff: Ms. Buruș Adriana – Manager, Mrs. Erdelyi Cristiana – Assistant Manager  
Chief Accountant:Mrs. Tavaszi Emese-Ibolya